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                      [This is a partial list of some of the Audio and Video messages that we have available on a donation basis]
Audio Video Code # in Set Title Speaker
GPD 1 God's People Delivered
RBF 18 Righteousness By Faith Male Bone Laing
HSB 9 How to Study the Bible Robbie Berghan
TSM 10 The Sanctuary Message Robbie Berghan
KIF 1 Kept in the Fire Jim Hohnberger
AAH 1 Another Ark to Build Jim Hohnberger
TJL 2 True Journey of Life Peter Gregory
KCT 1 King Cobra - Personal Testimony Peter Gregory
POC 1 The Power of the Cross Peter Gregory
SOC 1 The School of Christ Peter Gregory
STB 1 Something Better Peter Gregory
ABC 1 A Better Country Peter Gregory
SMH 1 The Spiritual Meaning of the 144,000 Peter Gregory
RXF 10 Righteousness by Faith Frank Phillips
TJW 9 The Justified Walk Frank Phillips
BNV 6 The Branch and the Vine Frank Phillips
CJC 10 The Cross of Jesus Christ Frank Phillips
A1M 13 The Atonement Frank Phillips
GHN 4 Meeting God's Heart Need W D Frazee
BTA 1 Building the Ark W D Frazee
EOP 1 Enoch's Outpost W D Frazee
LRC 1 Left, Right, or Center? W D Frazee
MOH 1 Ministry of Heresies W D Frazee
RFG 1 Righteousness by Faith from Gardening W D Frazee
LLE 1 Living the Life of Enoch Dave Westbrook
WTE 1 What is True Education? Dave Westbrook
YKG 1 Do You Know God? Miroslav Kis
TUR 1 The Ultimate Race John Quade
TFS 1 The 51st State Randy Skeete
PJH 1 Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Stephen Bohr
E2C 1 From Evolutionist to Creationist Walter Veith
WES 1 Why Evolution is Stupid Kent Hovind
CCG 1 Converging Crises 1 & 2 David Gates
GUR 1 God's Unlimited Resources David Gates
OFF 6 Our Fire and Our Friend David Asscherick
BTB 5 Barriers to Belief Roger Coon
1AM 1 The First Angel's Message Emanuel Baek
OOC 2 Out Of The Cities Dave Westbrook
AOD 1 Abomination of Desolation Dave Westbrook
CLF 3 Country Living Jere Franklin
AGR 1 A Good Report
POP 1 Preparation or Presumption? Nick Meissner
RMG 1 Radical Mission
IFF 1 India Face to Face
IFB 1 The Impact of Fresh, Healthy Food on Learning and Behavior
LMT 1 A Little More Time P. Herbert
WLC 1 When to Leave the Cities? Doug Batchelor
FFB 1 The Fiery Furnace: Bowing to Babylon Doug Batchelor